Sunday, 25 August 2013

Thinking of Higher Education

Hi Friends,
So we are a junction of What to do next after Bachelors ? Some times its tough selecting the option[s] (hope I have listed most),
  • Job in company (Private, Public Sectors, Government - through IES , Banks - IBPS)
  • Teaching post in Academics ( believe me its getting tough without a Masters )
  • Self employment
  • Pursue Higher Education
     I will try to cover some details on Higher Education ( Engineering ) in India.

Few Universities offer:

For admissions to Masters in Sciences and Engineering one of benchmark exam is GATE (Applications in month of September, Exam in month of February) , Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. Its conducted by IISc and seven IITs. 

GATE 2014 , all exams are online, have Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and few numerical answers to be keyed in. The applications process starts from September 2 2013 , exams are in February through March and results on March 28 2014.
  • Most Universities in India  consider GATE score for admissions or as eligibility criteria for Masters
  • Few PSUs recruit based on GATE score 
  • Few State PGCETs also consider  GATE score for admissions 

The syllabus for GATE covers Engineering Mathematics, and most of engineering Second and Third year subjects.

Great amount of information on preparation, timely updates, links to material can be found at:

If you are preparing for GATE , then you can also try for exams :

  • Major Field Tests
  • JAM  (Joint Admission Test for M.Sc , Applications in month of September, Exam in month of February)
  • Graduate School Admissions (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research , Applications in month of September, Exam in month of December)  
  • OCES/DGFS (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre)
  • IISER (Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research)
  • JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test)
  • UGC NET (University Grants Commision National Educational Testing)
  • CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design)
  • ICMR JRF (Indian Council of Medical Research JRF)
  • DBT JRF (Department of Biotechnology JRF)
  • NBHM (National Board for Higher Mathematics  - Department of Atomic Energy)
  • INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) - Department of Science and Technology
  • AcSIR ,  Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research
Preparation: Revising counts and more papers you solve the better. Make up a schedule and try keeping up with it.
Join coaching institution, One Benefit we get here is coaching institution sticks to their schedule so in turn we get to cover more topics.

Study Material:

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